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iTrubin's Speech in the High School F.I.R.S.T. Robotic's Club: "My Life Description in 15 min.!"

 After graduating Math and Science program at some Leningrad (USSR) High school in 1973. I had applied only to one University: St. Petersburg State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. But 1st I had idea to go to get engineering phisics major specifically in Biophysics/Bionics.

I visited a few test preparation sessions (like SAT subject tests) at that university and  I was disappointed of contingent/kids there  – they looked too nerdy for me as in spite my very high GPA I was more like punk :

So I changed my mind and applied to Mechanical Engineering School.

After one semester I have realized I was wrong and tried to transfer back… but because of some bureaucracy issues I almost was terminated.
So I stuck in the Mechanical engineering for the next 2.5 years and only when “Industrial Robotics” discipline was established in 1976 in the same faculty, then I was able to move there and finally I got my master degree in Robotics. 

<-That is me on some lecture having good time:

I realy enjoyed student livfe especially during summer semester. One of them I spent  in the south of Russia in some archaeological expedition: 


But most exciting findings was:
... and most important findings future wife!

After graduation I worked in University Data Center as Mainframe System programmer with computers like below:
(I worked with Soviet clones of IBM/360 systems called EC)

Then I entered to Ph.D. program and got my PhD in Robotics in 1986 in the same university.. 

Here is the subject of my dissertation:  

I have published in my Russian blog  the abstract of my  PhD dissertations  (1986 )
Research of Industrial Robot Grasping Processes 

The main idea of that work was to find the way to calculate a some set of initial grasping (or assembling) object coordinates that would warrant successful grasping (or assembling) process (operation). I called that "Area of Normal Functioning - ANF" (Область Нормального Функционирования -ОНФ). If grasping or assembling process starts with parameters (or coordinates) that are not in that area, the process will be abnormal and failed. That area defined coordinates where the passive (natural) adaptation would work.
Here is couple pictures from my dissertation:
One of the object for  the research: 

 <-- Math. 6-D model

Differential geometry equations
<-- Vector equations...

One of the results (ANF) =>

Then I become a professor and taught  the following courses:

Me on the "Automate" faculty: 

I have also work for Brokerage Company trying (unsuccessfully ) to build some forecasting model about the new Russian stock market:
Here is citation from, my 2008 CMG paper about that:


In 1999 I moved  to USA and started from the scratch absolutely new career – IT Capacity Management. I have published more than 10 paper about that. 

I made a lot of presentation about my favorite topic, which is the statistical analysis of computer behavior. Below is one of the last presentation (workshop) I made:

And I even got the prestigious best paper award in 2002:

By the way, rereading my old work (dissertation) I suddenly figured out that my resent idea of Exception Value (anomaly measure, which is area between statistical limits and just happened actual variables values) is very similar with what my very old idea of calculating limits for successful assembling or robot grasping processes!

Below is math. model of that EV which close to ANF model described in my designation:

I have worked for a few Banks IT departments  starting with Capital One and then was outsorced to IBM, where now working as Sr. IT Architect doing consulting work.

I had some business with Coca-cola Company and visited thiew museum in Atlata, where I sow robotic shop to produce bottles with Coca-Cola:


So I enjoyed visiting kids' robotic club:

and robotic's competitions:


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- My speech was mentioned and linked in the following website!
Blue Cheese Robotics

"This year we invited STEM professionals to visit the team throughout the build season and give CHED talks. We had presenters ranging from an IT Architect with a doctorate in robotics, engineering professionals sharing their knowledge as it applies to FIRST® teams including risk analysis, inspection ..."

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