Tuesday, September 9, 2014

“Pétersbourg, notes sur la mélodie des choses” de Charlie Rojo (Movie about Saint Petersburg.Французский фильм о Питере)

UPDATE: Charlie Rojo gave me permission to share the link to his  actual movie: 

We have just watched the film. All my family were sitting in our living room in front of the big screen (we use for this type of events the projector) like in a movie theater! 

Me (I lived ~20 years in Piter), my daughter Olga (30 years old), my son Arvid ( 18 years old) and my wife – all they were born in Piter.   My daughter left it when she was 11, my son when he was 4. My mother-in-low and my grandmother are survivors of  Leningrad's blockade during WW2. So we know Russian Petersburg and Soviet Leningrad very well. We all love the City and since we moved to USA in 1999 we have visited Piter a few times and miss that very much. That is a background. 

The film… Below our initial impressions. Maybe later I will write more… Now just a few phrases… 

Here in Richmond every spring there is a French film festival (www.frenchfilmfestival.us) , maybe largest in US and one of the largest outside of France! It is organized by local university VCU (my daughter is graduated it, by the way). So we go there and like it, we all love French movies! (You may check my point of view here ...)So, sure this film reminded me films from the festival and all in all the style and manner of shooting and expressing is definitely like French film we would expect. 

Olga’s words were “The tempo of your film is slow and it contrasts with American movies we had to get used to and that is great! Attention to details is great. “. 

My son (he studied French in his high school – not very successful, but still… plus he likes Russian poetry – you may find his declamations in my videos (e.g. Grand Canyon: Утёс (ночевала тучка золотая) - Лермонтов (Lermontov)) said repeatedly “it is very, very beautiful movie “. He laughed a lot at the young boys’ broken English “stupid“ talk… 

My wife keeps silence, but I know she was very sensitive watching the episode about Pushkin and the horse’s cemetery. She was grown up in Pushkin and knows/loves everything about it. Sure she has been in that and also Tsar’s dogs cemeteries and she was upset a bit that only one grave stone is left there…. And also she has friends who work in Hermitage, so we know and have seen cats there and was glad you put the episode about it in your film. (see our pictures from there below)


I am sure she has and maybe will tell more impressions about the film… So more may come, but right away I can say we all enjoyed that. All were captured (in an interesting and disturbing way) all right and correct. 


Saint Petersburg. The faces and dreams.

What stuff are dreams made​​ off? Where are they going to fail?
It is said that the city was placed a block from the clouds.

Geographical and time travel, the film takes us into the Russian city of chance encounters with its inhabitants. 

Dostoevsky, revolution, communal apartments, the blockade, the Tsar, Shrek or Putin: they tell us their city, a city that has changed four times by name, subject to the moods of men and the vagaries of weather.

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