Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mundial 2014 Diet at M. H.

"Diet news: Last day on the diet... "Don't cry for me, Argentina" (loosely translated into Russian as "Мы чужие на этом празднике жизни, Киса") was the theme of the last feast... The most abundant brew of the last month turned out to be not even beer but a salted water... In a spirit of a friendly neutrality, I was countering it today with rose from Provence.

Diet news: Today's menu is leftovers being packaged as a meal ... shall it be called "pizza"? An easy day before tomorrow...

Diet news: 30 minutes remaining before the feast...

Diet news: Boooo! I would call it a fraud in preparation of the first caipirinha!!! Maybe preparing the second one someone will finally add cachaca?!!

Diet news: Wondering if there is still enough fizz in Heineken to complement the gaucho steak well enough? That meal is on the menu for Wednesday, so we will know then.

Diet news: schnapps is stronger than calvados ... no surprise here - it was not impossible but just didn't happen ... next challenge is most likely to be schnapps vs. caipirinha...
Tomorrow may bring a more interesting choice: I am wondering what are the chances to end up with the beer battle between Heineken and Duvel?

Diet news: Big Mack has drowned in Duvel... It will be interesting to see if Duvel allows dancing tango well...

Diet news: Happening now -- after 60 minutes of the feast, it is clear that the wurst has no idea what to do with the couscous side ... while the couscous shows no problem with the wurst being totally not halal... I knew it's gonna be an interesting combination... much more interesting than the schnapps vs. vodka match... 

Diet news: tomorrow's menu is wurst mit couscous ... wondering how that would go... French dessert is not included - I am really on a diet 

Good diet news: tsatsiki is out -- it would be a terrible combination of tsatsiki with Dutch beer...

Sad diet news: Tomorrow won't be able to enjoy Mexican tacos with Dutch beer ... must find some replacement ... music won't do...

Diet news: Chili turned out to be quite good and flavorful ... especially when watered down by caipirinha ... Going for a refill!!!

Diet news: We will soon know which hamburger is better: original or transplant version... Stay with us..   Ok, so the original hamburger was better, but the transplant U.S. version was good enough! The feast goes on!!!

Diet news: Pasta is totally overcooked... And still there were people willing to take a bite of it without any sauce!!!??? Wow! That bite of pasta turned out to be quite costly ... Guinness record for the most expensive pasta dish?! "

M. H.  


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