Sunday, July 13, 2014


Oh, I wish that everything would go to hell.
Everything's sinking up to the throat in lie.
Fakes flowing down from the shiny hair.
I'm caught like a fish in a net.

\Finally arrived to the point of their life--
To obtain each other in a way of lie.
Faking and lying, making impressions,
And afterwards sighing and undergoing depressions.

\Daubing fake kindness on these wicked faces,
Painting playfulness with lipstick
And traces of mystery shaded by makeup,
Strangling the chance of solution with perfumes.

\No day can be lived without narcotics and sickness,
Whether it's nicotine, chocolate, or holes from a needle.
Screaming at nights with fever of love,
Unable to go through withdrawal of light.

\Fakes splashing in a fountain from my cracking veins,
Destroying the walls of my fragile fence.
Infection in blood is ensured for me.
Up to the shoulders in nonsense; am I in a dream?



Igor Trubin said...

О, как желаю все послать бы к черту.
Все то по горло утонув во лжи.
Подделки текщие с волос блестя.
Попалась я как рыба в сети.


Igor Trubin said...

Прибыли окончательно к точке,
Где нашли друг друга во лжи,
Иммитируя, симмулируя
И вздыхая депрессируя.

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