Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Islander song on the Queen Mary 2

My Canadian colleague from CMG has shared this with me. A good retirement project is to start writing and singing songs! YOUTUBE LINK:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HELP!!! Wikipedia article "Hydridic Earth theory" was proposed for deletion. Volunteers! Add information to the main article or to the talk page to preserve the article from the mainstream pressure

2015 update:  That wiki page was deleted. The discussion/debate of the topic is still on wiki - 

Wikipedia article Hydridic Earth theory was proposed for deletion. We are inviting all volunteers, familiar with Wikipedia redaction, to add information to the main article or to the talk page and to preserve the article from the mainstream pressure. You will find more information on the Talk page in wikipedia

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do not blame Excel, blame analyst!

I have been using Excel for more than 20 years and I even had run a class teaching accouters to work with spreadsheets! And sure, time to time some bugs were seen and some inaccurate calculations (e.g. working already as Capacity planner I was pointed by my manger on some not precise trend charts I built and had to redo that by use intercept(), slop() and RSQ() functions to get trends, not trusting to the graphical way to plot them.

BUT I LOVE EXCEL!!! You just need to know what you can and cannot do with it!

So I am LOL reading the following article where wrong global trend were drown from mistaken Excel based analysis. Do not blame excel, blame analyst! And I Applauding to the student who is brave to  find the  error in famous but bad analyst's work!

Here is original American article:
And Russian one I guess about the same fact but under different angle:

Plus I personalty enjoy living in debt. Being relatively new here in US (~13 yeas ago I moved with family with ~$10,000 in my pocket), that economical mechanism allowed me to reach almost middle class life level by just lending my brain....

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